Abnormal psych chapter 1 reflection paper

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Abnormal psych chapter 1 reflection paper

The modules covered in this post: What is it about? How difficult is it? Should you take it? Do note that modules do vary across semesters, depending on which professor is taking it, so I will include the name of the professor for your benefit. Dr Bernard Tan What is it about?

Abnormal psych chapter 1 reflection paper

Second half you learn about the technological part of music such as MIDI systems and stuff. One concert review attend any concert of your choice, write a word reviewone MIDI composition compose 1 minute MIDI pieceand one mid term test, one finals test.

Both tests are 25 MCQs, open book lecture notes If it sounds like a joke, you are right. It's a freaking joke. It's probably the lightest module in NUS. Two 2h lecture per week, one 1h tutorial every fortnight How difficult is it? This is by far the easiest module I've ever taken or heard of.

Abnormal psych chapter 1 reflection paper

You can more or less skip the entire first half of the lectures if you have some music theory background. In fact, you can more or less skip all the lectures, and just read his lecture slides, they aren't that hard to understand.

But if you are afraid of comprehension problems, go for lectures then. The problem is that he is VERY long winded, and always starts lectures at like. What does he do for the first 40 minutes? Just nag and nag about things he's said before already or recap previous lecture and just random pointless things.

I would say it's quite possible to skip all lectures and still know how to do the tests. Some basic Math knowledge would be good, such as knowing how to apply simple formulas and doing simple calculations with a calculator.

He basically does not change the format of the tests, so if you do the past year papers and know how to do all of them, you basically will breeze through the tests. Tutorial questions are more or less gearing you up to do the tests, if you can't find past year papers then do the tutorial questions and understand how to find the answers.

Should be pretty easy. If you want the slackest module in NUS, yes. Do note that being 'an easy module' does not make it an 'easy to score module'.


These are very different concepts. How did I do for it?Chapter 1 Introduction and Historical overview. Chapter 1 Introduction and Historical overview Psychopathology Study of why people think, behave, and feel in abnormal, unexpected ways.

Abnormal Psychology Janelle Gunnels Psy/ November 7, Stephen Hoyer Abnormal Psychology Even though abnormal psychology is a highly controversial aspect of psychology, often challenges define and classify normal and abnormal behavior. Abnormal Psychology PSYTE It focuses on the causes of abnormality, the different forms of abnormal behavior, theories that have been put forth to explain abnormal behavior, and common forms of treatment.

(3 s.h.) • Test format: multiple choice questions (1 point each). Caña, Analyn C. III-9 BS Psychology Reflection Paper on “One Flew Over Cuckoo’s Nest” There is a thin line between “normal” and “abnormal”.

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complete your digital collage reflection. Abnormal Psychology - Chapter 1. Historical context. STUDY. PLAY. Psychological Disorder / Abnormal behavior. 1. a psychological dysfunction within an individual associated 2.

with distress or impairment in functioning Study of changes in abnormal behavior that occur over time. Etiology.

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