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Chemistry[ edit ] DOC is a substituted alpha - methylated phenethylaminea class of compounds commonly known as amphetamines. The phenethylamine equivalent lacking the alpha-methyl group is 2C-C.

Buy research chemicals online 2c-e blotter

Legal Issues Designer drugs continue to make headlines in the U. In one recent large-scale incident, New York City officials shut down the Electric Zoo music festival on Labor Day weekend after two concertgoers died and several others were hospitalized from an apparent ecstasy overdose.

Bath salts are rising in popularity along with a wave of other new designer drugs like synthetic cannabinoids and opioids. Given the prevalence of and public alarm about designer drugs, clinical laboratories face a formidable challenge in validating testing platforms for bath salts and other emerging drugs.

Unfortunately, information gaps and a lack of appropriate analytical reference standards make it difficult for a laboratory to meet stringent accreditation requirements.

In this article, we review the complex nomenclature and drug composition encountered with bath salt formulations, along with available pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, and testing information. Together, this information highlights challenges that clinical laboratories face and provides strategies for overcoming these barriers.

What Are Bath Salts? In illicit designer drug markets, bath salts are far removed from the ordinary salt crystals purchased for a relaxing spa. These synthetic drugs are formulated for their potent stimulant and hallucinogenic properties. As might be expected, there is no quality control in the manufacturing of bath salts.

Dosages, formulations, and drug mixtures vary from product to product and from batch to batch, and adulterants ranging from caffeine to methamphetamine are common.

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Adding to the complexity of the problem, bath salts are found under a variety of labels, packaging, and physical formulations, such as a white powder, tablets, or liquid.

As a result, users never know exactly what they are about to consume, and an unusual assortment of disingenuous labels like plant food, insect repellant, or even "Vanilla Sky" and "Meow Meow" add further confusion—especially for new drug users, adolescents, and parents.

Bath salts possessing primarily stimulant-like properties are commonly considered phenethylamine or piperazine analogs, which have a similar chemical structure as the well characterized stimulants cathinone, amphetamine, or benzylpiperazine BZP Figure 1.

Similar to other studies, the authors tracked for nearly 4 years the prevalence of designer drugs seized by law enforcement in Arkansas 3, 4. These substances were formulated as powders, tablets, and capsules Figure 2.

Figure 2 Analysis of bath salt cases demonstrates the prevalence of stimulant and hallucinogenic compounds in tables, capsules, powder, and blotter paper seized by Arkansas law enforcement during a 4-year period. While rare, designer stimulants are also found in plant material and smoked like K2 synthetic cannabinoids.

Also, bath salt compounds are commonly found as mixes containing other synthetic drugs or illicit substances, like methamphetamine, ketamine, and MDMA 5. These dangerous drug combinations pose significant clinical and analytical challenges.

Bath salts can also contain potent hallucinogenic drugs biochemically characterized as analogs of mescaline or LSD Figure 1. Mescaline is a natural hallucinogenic phenethylamine compound found in the peyote cactus Lophophora williamsiiwhereas tryptamine hallucinogens are similar to LSD.

These hallucinogens are also formulated as powders, capsules, and tablets and may be used to lace blotter paper 5.

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Marketing names vary greatly from "smiles," "7th-heaven," and "Foxy"to an abbreviated biochemical name like 2C-B or 2C-E. Pharmacology When insufflated, ingested, or injected, bath salts have dire toxicological consequences. The toxicology of the synthetic cathinones and piperazines is similar to MDMA, with most substances inhibiting re-uptake of dopamine and norepinephrine through inhibition of the monoamine uptake transporters.

Serotonin levels also may be modulated due to inhibition of reuptake 8— On the other hand, the molecular mechanism of tryptamine and phenylethylamine hallucinogenic analogs found in bath salts, such as 5-MeO-DALT and the 2C compounds, are probably mediated through agonistic action at several serotonin receptors and ion channels 11— The physical and neurological effects of bath salts can be extreme, debilitating, and even fatal 15, 18, The toxicodynamics and toxicokinetics of the bath salts are unknown in humans, but animal studies are starting to emerge Clinical reports demonstrate that the adverse effects of bath salts are similar to other stimulants, like MDMA.A showcase for my #LSD #Blotter #Art collection, and a place to complain about the war on #Drugs, by proxy, by bitching about its effect on me.

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buy research chemicals online 2c-e blotter

2C-ELaw• 2C-E is unscheduled in the United States but there are currently several cases pending in U.S. federal court against online vendors for selling these research chemicals. These cases may address the question of whether this chemical could be legally defined as an analog of a scheduled substance.

2,5-Dimethoxychloroamphetamine (DOC) is a psychedelic drug of the phenethylamine and amphetamine chemical classes. It was presumably first synthesized by Alexander Shulgin, and was described in his book PiHKAL (Phenethylamines i Have Known And Loved).

Jun 18,  · LSD, Lucy, could have been a number of research chemicals though. Doses usually refer to psychedelics, most commonly LSD though. I do buy it knowing it is DOB though. I do agree that there is no way of him knowing if it is or not.

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