Community project paper

Overview[ edit ] Origin and development[ edit ] Since the publication of "Situated Learning:

Community project paper

Overview[ edit ] Origin and development[ edit ] Since the publication of "Situated Learning: Cox offers a more critical view of the different ways in which the term communities of practice can be interpreted. Lave and Wenger first used the term communities of practice to describe learning through practice and participation, which they named situated learning.

The structure of the community was created over time through a process of legitimate peripheral participation. They found that when Community project paper join an established group or community, they spend some time initially observing and perhaps performing simple tasks in basic roles as they learn how the group works and how they can participate an apprentice electrician, for example would watch and learn before actually doing any electrical work; initially taking on small simple jobs and eventually more complicated ones.

Lave and Wenger described this socialization process as legitimate peripheral participation. Later years[ edit ] In his later work, Wenger abandoned the concept of legitimate peripheral participation and used the idea of an inherent tension in a duality instead.

He identifies four dualities that exist in communities of practice, participation-reification, designed-emergent, identification-negotiability and local-global, although the participation-reification duality has been the focus of particular interest because of its links to knowledge management.

He describes the structure of a CoP as consisting of three interrelated terms: Firstly, through participation in the community, members establish norms and build collaborative relationships; this is termed mutual engagement.

These relationships are the ties that bind the members of the community together as a social entity. Secondly, through their interactions, they create a shared understanding of what binds them together; this is termed the joint enterprise.

Finally, as part of its practice, the community produces a set of communal resources, which is termed their shared repertoire; this is used in the pursuit of their joint enterprise and can include both literal and symbolic meanings.

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Present work[ edit ] For Etienne Wengerlearning is central to human identity. The structural characteristics of a community of practice are again redefined to a domain of knowledge, a notion of community and a practice.

Domain A domain of knowledge creates common ground, inspires members to participate, guides their learning and gives meaning to their actions.

Community The notion of a community creates the social fabric for that learning. A strong community fosters interactions and encourages a willingness to share ideas. Practice While the domain provides the general area of interest for the community, the practice is the specific focus around which the community develops, shares and maintains its core of knowledge.

Community project paper

These communities take on knowledge stewarding tasks that were formerly covered by more formal organizational structures. In some organizations there are both formal and informal communities of practice.

There is a great deal of interest within organizations to encourage, support, and sponsor communities of practice in order to benefit from shared knowledge that may lead to higher productivity Wenger Communities of practice are now viewed by many in the business setting as a means to capturing the tacit knowledgeor the know-how that is not so easily articulated.

An important aspect and function of communities of practice is increasing organization performance. Other fields have made use of the concept of CoPs.The English Project promotes awareness and understanding of the unfolding global story of the English language in all its varieties – past, present and future.

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