Essay questions for mrs frisby and the rats of nimh

Frisby to get to Mr.

Helping Students Understand "Mrs. These comprehension questions will help fourth and fifth grade students understand the novel and think about the characters and events.

Essay questions for mrs frisby and the rats of nimh

Frisby goes to the rats, who gives her the idea, and some of the mystery that is surrounding her late husband, Johnathan. They cover chapters one through eight.

Frisby gets medicine from Mr. Ages, she meets someone very important. Who does she meet and why is he important to the story? Frisby visit the wise old owl? When does the wise old owl agree to help Mrs. Think about what information the wise old owl learns before he tells her what to do.

Why do you think the owl liked Mr. Frisby feeling about going to the rats? Do you agree with her opinion of them? These comprehension questions cover chapters nine through fourteen. Who are some of the rats that Mrs. Frisby meets when she is underground? Name at least three of these rats and describe them.

How do the rats know Johnanthan Frisby? Frisby surprised about all she learns or did she already know? What did the scientists do to the rats at NIMH? Frisby agree to do if the rats will help her move Timothy?

Essay questions for mrs frisby and the rats of nimh

This is the same way her husband died. How did the rats escape from NIMH? What do you think of this Plan? Do you agree with Nicodemus or with Jenner? These questions are perfect for an end-of-the-book discussion or a quiz on the novel. What happens to Mrs. How does this turn out to be a lucky thing for the rats?

What important information does she have?The Moving Beyond the Page language arts program is designed around literature units each year. Through these units we cover writing, reading, literature, story elements, figurative language, research skills, spelling, and grammar.

‍ Read pages in Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. ‍ Write responses to each of the following factual questions (be sure to echo the question), and then write a one-paragraph response to the thinking question. Be sure to write this response at the foot of your " frisbyreflection" document.

When Mrs. Frisby enters the rosebush and is ushered into the depths of the rats' quarters in the eleventh chapter of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH she encounters "a lean rat with a scarred. Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Questions.

BACK; NEXT ; Bring on the tough stuff - there’s not just one right answer. True that this book has tons of info on WWI and written in a way that middle/high school students can understand; however, I found it too be a bit verbose and was turned off from using it with my 8th graders because of the graphic images in it.

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