Family history keeping a love story

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Family history keeping a love story

The kids were about to be dismissed from school for the summer, and in a few weeks I would give birth to our sixth baby. But when I read about a course on writing personal histories, I decided to take it. I had made several unsuccessful attempts in the past at writing my history—but I was sure I could do better with the structure of class deadlines and assignments.

Thank goodness for an understanding and helpful husband who encouraged me to keep writing. I sat hour after hour remembering and recording thoughts and feelings from so many yesterdays ago.

And as I wrote, I felt the desire more strongly than ever before to complete my goal. The blessings come not only from completing the records, but also from the process Family history keeping a love story writing them.

What are some of these unexpected blessings? Family Histories It can be a great thrill to discover a diary or journal written by a grandparent or loved one. Just as we are strengthened as we read the words of early prophets, we can greatly benefit from the testimonies of our own ancestors as they recount for us their trials and sacrifices.

But many of our parents and grandparents left no written account of their lives for us to read.

Family history keeping a love story

Even so, it is possible—and important—to obtain a record about them. Alex Haley, author of the book Roots, has said: Without this enriching knowledge, there is a hollow yearning. No matter what our attainments in life, there is still a vacuum, an emptiness, and the most disquieting loneliness.

Several years ago, Mr. Haley was invited to participate in a late-night television show. The total time he spent on the air was approximately ten minutes, and he mentioned just once the assistance of the research company. People were asking for help in finding out about themselves, their family, their ancestry.

They wanted to discover where they belonged and to whom. They wanted and needed a knowledge and understanding of their past—a personal family history.

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Discovering our family and our heritage can help us discover ourselves. One young man, a high school senior living in a city in the eastern United States, was troubled and unsure about what to do after graduation.

He questioned his allegiance to the Church and was restless at home with his family. When his parents suggested he spend the summer with grandparents and relatives in southern Utah, he agreed.

Throughout those long summer days and evenings, as he worked alongside his grandfather and uncles, he talked with them. He asked questions about their past and delighted in their reminiscences.

As he became acquainted with cousins and second cousins, he came to understand his own role in this living family.

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He began recording their histories, and as he did he discovered his great love for them and for his own family at home. Feeling more secure than ever before, he returned home with a sense of belonging.

In gathering or reading personal histories from our parents or grandparents, we come to know and understand these individuals and have greater love and appreciation for them.

And our hearts are turned to our living fathers as well as to our deceased ancestors. Perhaps one reason our parents love us as much as they do is that they saw our early histories developing.

They lived through our fevers as babies, our struggles with school and friends, our adolescent triumphs and despairs. As we come to see our parents as people—as individuals, not just as mom or dad—we come to understand and appreciate them more.

Sometimes children misinterpret the responses of parents or other adults and harbor feelings of hurt or resentment throughout their lives. The concern of a parent for a wayward son or daughter, for example, may have caused another child to feel unloved or overlooked.

In reading or gathering the personal history of that parent, that child now an adult may come to understand the experience and thus relinquish any resentment he may have felt.

As a child, he had heard his parents disagree many times, but had never seen them resolve their problems.

How a Church Member Helped Shape Mickey Mouse (+6 Other Latter-day Saint Ties to Disney) Jamie Armstrong - November 18, , was Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday! Check out this little-known story about how the iconic mouse was influenced by a Latter-day Saint. Our lives can be richly blessed through keeping records, enjoying family gatherings, searching for our kindred dead, and attending the temple. close. “In a spirit of love and consecration, Through her involvement in family history and the welcoming arms of ward members, this couple became strong and faithful members of the Church. Keeping Family History Alive for Kids: The Manilla Folder she would let S and I choose a photograph from the envelope and would tell us the story that went with it. I'm sorry to say that I don't remember what any of the pictures were specifically or the stories that went with them, but I do remember that manilla envelope and am filled with.

He had sincerely believed throughout his life that they had remained together only for the sake of the children. I became so absorbed that I found myself weeping—and laughing—as I recorded certain incidents. I was experiencing my own past, but observing it now with the advantage of maturity and perspective.What Kids Learn From Hearing Family Stories.

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44% of Story's were Farmers. The short story “Eveline,” by James Joyce is a story of a young girl who must make a decision between an unhappy life that she is familiar and comfortable with and a life of possible happiness, love, and the unknown.

Family history keeping a love story

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