Integrating pyschology and christianity

Virginia Todd Holeman Imagine a typical counseling session where a counselee talks with a counselor about a particular life dilemma.

Integrating pyschology and christianity

How does psychology work with Christian counseling? Psychology and Christianity often find themselves at odds. Some have promoted psychology as a complete answer to the human condition and the key to living a better life.

Some psychologies consider faith in God as an illusion created as a sort of coping mechanism. In reaction to these unbiblical ideas, some Christians discount all psychology.

Some Christians, especially those involved in biblical counseling, believe the Bible contains all that is necessary to overcome any issue, psychological or otherwise; psychology is unnecessary because the Bible alone is our life manual. Despite this polarization, psychology and biblical counseling need not be at war.

It is important to recognize that psychology is not monolithic; there are many different theories of psychology, some of them even contradicting the others. The concepts of human nature, life struggles, health, and treatment modality in psychology span a broad spectrum.

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The majority of counselors and psychologists today practice somewhat eclectically; they are not strictly Freudian or Jungian but are versed in several theories and employ different parts of the theories for different presenting issues.

For instance, a counselor may gravitate toward existential theory when counseling for grief, but bring in cognitive behavioral theory when counseling for behavioral issues.

In other words, a counselor may cherry-pick what he thinks will help the most. A psychologist is free to use certain person-centered techniques without accepting theories concerning self-actualization.

It is common to work out of one or two primary theories and use a variety of techniques from myriad theories. Christian counselors often adopt certain psychological theories in part, but they do not embrace any underlying philosophies that deny God or biblical truths.

In essence, Christian counselors use psychology as a tool, but they do not view it as absolute truth. Psychology is not a competing religion, but a field of study that could actually lead to a deeper understanding of humanity and, therefore, of God as Creator, Savior, and Healer. Nouthetic counselingor biblical counseling, is a form of counseling that relies solely on Scripture and the power of the Holy Spirit to achieve results.

Rather than promote any psychological theory, nouthetic counselors state that Scripture is sufficient for all human difficulties.

Certainly, the Bible speaks of the power of the Holy Spirit to transform our lives.

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The Word is powerful 2 Timothy 3: Plus, God is our ultimate healer Exodus However, it is interesting to note that those who ascribe to Bible-only counseling do not necessarily ascribe to Bible-only medical treatment or Bible-only education. The question becomes what parts of life are to be led only by Scripture and what aspects can be informed by secular learning.

Paul spoke of becoming all things to all men for the sake of evangelism 1 Corinthians 9: When people are seeking psychological treatment, it may be helpful for a Christian to use psychological theories as corrected by biblical truth.

A Christian counselor can use the tools of psychology to reveal to people their need for a deeper healing than what psychology can provide. Spiritual discussions are not rare in counseling rooms.

A counselor is expected not to impose his or her values or beliefs upon a client, but often just opening the topic leads a client to search.

Integrating pyschology and christianity

And we know that when people search for God, they find Him Jeremiah More practically speaking, many instructions or concepts in the Bible do not seem easily applicable.

Psychology might provide practical techniques to overcome the struggle with lust.The Integrated Model for Relating Psychology and Christianity: For Carter and Narramore the Integrates approach is more than a mere model for integrating psychological and theological concepts.

It is a way of life: "The Integrated Model for Relating Psychology and Christianity: A Critique in the Light of BiblicaI Creation". Start studying Integration of Psychology & Christianity. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Tomczyk 1 The Dangers of Integrating Secular Psychology and Christianity By Daniel Tomczyk Rachard Ganz had attended school to become a psychologist and had finally.

Question: "How does psychology work with Christian counseling?" Answer: Psychology and Christianity often find themselves at odds. Some have promoted psychology as a complete answer to the human condition and the key to living a better life. Some psychologies consider faith in God as an illusion.

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We read sections of this in a class at college. My favorite was the chapter on the Transformational Psychology view.4/5(32). The author of this paper, however, believes there should be no problem integrating the two. In her eyes, psychology is the study of the mind and behavior, not necessarily a science but more a study.

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