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Sign up for free unlimited access Access to This course allows you to critically evaluate the legal rules, regulations, theories and underlying policies relative to Corporate Law. You will investigate and apply principles and rules found in various areas of corporate law to novel problems, and real-world and hypothetical scenarios.

This LLM programme gives you a coherent provision of postgraduate level study, supported by academic expertise, in the field of Corporate Law -- an area of recognised significance in many aspects of the commercial arena, whether local, national or international.

Career possibilities LLM International Corporate Law will enable you to pursue careers in legal practice, or the public service, or any career where success is built upon the ability to understand, analyse and respond to developments in international corporate law.

A number of our students on our business programmes remain with us to pursue a further research career as PhD students.

If you want to Programme Structure Compulsory modules Corporate Finance and Securities Law enables you to study areas of corporate law given scant or no attention in an introductory company law course.

It will consider a number of the primary contemporary issues and problems extant in corporate finance law and securities regulation and possible solutions and reforms. Insolvency law considers the history of insolvency and explores insolvency in today's world: You investigate the theory, aims, purposes and principles that underpin the law, and examine the options available to insolvents, and the roles of those administering insolvent administrations.

International Corporate Governance examines the critical role played by public companies in the world's economy, providing a comprehensive study of the role of corporate governance in the world economy. Postgraduate Legal Research Skills aims to prepare you for legal research required for seminar preparation, coursework assignments and for writing dissertations in law.

The module focuses on instilling the fundamental research skills that you need to undertake any type of legal research. Dissertation allows you to pursue an area of particular interest within your programme in consultation with a member of staff with appropriate expertise.potential basis for the international integration of corporate law that is likely to take place as economic activity continues to become more global in scope in the decades to come.

LLM in International Business Law

“It is a tragedy, at rate at which EBOLA VIRUS is spreading in West Africa. It is a fatal disease in the history of the world. Intensive education (formal and informal approaches) of the citizens of African can help prevent the spread. International law is the set of rules generally regarded and accepted as binding in relations between states and between nations.

It serves as a framework for the practice of stable and organized international relations.

International corporate law shown on

The International Corporate & Commercial Law LLM is designed for students who wish to pursue a career within corporate or commercial law. It would be useful to students who aspire to work in the corporate and commercial sectors, but .

Activities within a State of salesmen in the employ of a foreign corporation, exhibiting samples of merchandise and soliciting orders from prospective buyers to be accepted or rejected by the corporation at a point outside the State, were systematic and continuous, and resulted in a large volume of interstate business.

Courses cover corporate business law, securities law and antitrust law. Master of Laws (LL.M.) Some law schools offer a master's program in international business law.

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