Jesus in the quran and in islam

Jesus or Isa in Arabic peace be upon him is of great significance in both Islam and Christianity. However, there are differences in terms of beliefs about the nature and life occurrences of Jesus.

Jesus in the quran and in islam

Gospel of BasilidesGospel of BarnabasSubstitution hypothesisSwoon hypothesisand Unknown years of Jesus Unlike the Christian view of the death of Jesus, most Muslims believe he was raised to Heaven without being put on the cross and God created a resemblance to appear exactly like Jesus who was crucified instead of Jesus.

Muslims believe Jesus ascended bodily to Heaven, there to remain until his Second coming in the End days.

Jesus in the quran and in islam

The second proposal is that Jesus asked for someone to volunteer to be crucified instead of him. According to the first, one of Jesus disciples volunteers to take the form of his master and is crucified. According to the other, the Jew mistakenly carried only an empty resemblance to the cross.

Jesus went into a house together with seventeen of his companions. The Jew surrounded them but when they burst in God made all the disciples look like Jesus. The pursuers, supposing that they had bewitched them, threatened to kill them all if they did not expose him.

Then Jesus asked his companions which of them would purchase paradise for himself thath day. One man volunteered and went out saying that he was Jesus and as God had made him look like Jesus they took him, killed him and crucified him. Thereupon "a semblance was made to them" and they thought that they had killed Jesus.

Jesus in the quran and in islam

The Christians likewise thought that it was Jesus who had been killed. And God raised Jesus right away. The Jews were looking for Jesus. They took hold of Simon, one of the disciples, and they said, "This is one of his companions.

Others took hold of him and he likewise denied it. Then he heard the sound of the cock and he wept and it grieved him. And a semblance had been made for them before that, and they took him and made certain of him and bound him with a cord and began to lead him and to say to him "You used to bring the dead to life and to drive away Satan and heal the jinn-possessed so why not deliver yourself from this cord?

And God raised Jesus to Himself. And they crucified the semblance which was made to them.

Born of a Virgin Mother

And [Jesus] tarried seven [hours]. And Jesus came to them both and said, "Why are you weeping? This [corpse] is something which was "made a semblance to them".

Order the disciples to meet me at such and such place. Jesus missed the one who had sold him. They said, "Because he regretted what he had done he commited suicide by strangling himself.

Ibn Abbas said, "Just before God raised Jesus to the Heavens, Jesus went to his disciples, who were twelve inside the house. Whoever volunteers for that, he will be with me in Paradise.

Jesus asked again for a volunteer, and the same young man volunteered and Jesus asked him to sit down again. When the Jews came looking for Jesus, they found that young man and crucified him. They then divided into three groups.

Ever since that happened, Islam was then veiled until God sent Muhammad. Even so, some of the Jews were not satisfied, and they went to the king of Damascus at that time, a Greek polytheist who worshipped the stars.

The king became angry and wrote to his deputy in Jerusalem to arrest the rebel leader, stop him from causing unrest, crucify him and make him wear a crown of thorns.

That day was a Friday, in the evening. I will take you and raise you to myself. When those surrounding the house saw the man who looked like Jesus, they thought that he was Jesus.

So they took him at night, crucified him and placed a crown of thorns on his head. Some Christians accepted their false claim, due to their ignorance and lack of reason.

They even said that Marry sat under the corpse of the crucified man and cried, and they say that the dead man spoke to her. All this was a test from God for His servants out of His wisdom.

God explained this matter in the Glorious Quran which He sent to His honorable Messenger, whom He supported with miracles and clear, unequivocal evidence.

God is the Most Truthful, and He is the Lord of the worlds Who knows the secrets, what the hearts conceal, the hidden matters in heaven and earth, what has occurred, what will occur, and what would occur if it was decreed.

The Gospel of Barnabas has been considered to be pseudo-biographical, or a false work, to the majority of western scholars.Mary, the mother of Jesus, is a prominent figure in Islam and the only woman mentioned by name in the Qur'an.

The Qur'an upholds Mary as one of the four perfect examples of womanhood [Qur'an ]. The person of Jesus or Isa in Arabic (peace be upon him) is of great significance in both Islam and Christianity.

However, there are differences in terms of beliefs about the nature and life occurrences of this noble Messenger. Source of information about Jesus in Islam.

Most of the Islamic information about Jesus is actually found in the Quran. Jesus In Holy Quran mentioned directly or indirectly times, 25 times mentioned by direct name.

Jesus was born miraculously without the father and her mother Mary being a virgin. God gave prophecy of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to Prophet Moses. Mary mentioned 32 times with name Marriyam. 1) While Christianity asserts that Jesus is both human and divine, Islam does not accept the belief in Jesus' divinity.

Hence, while Christians worship Jesus, Muslims instead revere Jesus and believe in him as a prophet, using the Qur'an (not the Bible) as a reliable record of knowledge about Jesus;.

Birth of Jesus In Holy Quran:

The Quran recalls his miraculous birth, his teachings, the miracles he performed by God's permission, and his life as a respected prophet of God. The Quran also repeatedly reminds that Jesus was a human prophet sent by God, not part of God Himself. Thirdly, the disciples of Jesus believed in and followed the same religion of Islam that is being presented in the Qur'an.

However the Christians of the later age discarded the message of Jesus and digressed from the Faith of his disciples.

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