Multiple sclerosis case study presentation

Led by researchers at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, the study suggests new drug targets and potent early-stage drug candidates could lead to regenerative medicines for multiple sclerosis and other debilitating neurological diseases. Multiple sclerosis, a chronic and progressive disease affecting millions worldwide, is characterized by damage to the protective sheath that surrounds nerve cells. Without this insulating layer, called myelin, nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord struggle to transmit electrical impulses. As a result, multiple sclerosis patients suffer progressive loss of motor skills, vision and balance.

Multiple sclerosis case study presentation

Pathology, Evaluation and Intervention by Leann on November 18, He had great understanding of all aspects from research to very practical clinical experiences.

Multiple sclerosis case study presentation

Great organization, clear communication, and very personable. It is one of the best courses I have had and I would highly recommend it to all PT's.!

Pathology, Evaluation and Intervention by Danielle on October 29, This course provided great, detailed new research, intervention strategies and case studies that will undoubtedly change my treatment methods for patients with multiple sclerosis. Pathology, Evaluation and Intervention by Travis on October 28, Frequent restating of previously-covered material; material could have been covered in less time.

Frequent "let me state again" comments, as well as "let's watch that again" with videos, as well as reading more than once through a list of easily understood details on a slide, elucidate this point.

Includes up to date concepts and comprehensive info. Evidence-based ideas I can immediately implement in my practice Multiple Sclerosis: Pathology, Evaluation and Intervention by Member on September 18, So much information - the case examples were great and the overarching idea of hope for these individuals regardless of there disease severity Pathology, Evaluation and Intervention by Medha on September 15, all case studies, and learnt a lot of new things- ways to evaluate and treat MS patients, very impressed with this course by Tricia on September 15, I loved the case studies.

I feel I have a much improved knowledge and will definitely change my treatment approach with MS patients.April Diagnosis: Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis PRE-TREATMENT CONDITION: Physical examination shows stable vital signs. Patient complains about double vision reduced eyesight in her left eye depression occasional headaches and complete lack of energy.

Pathophysiology and clinical presentation – correct diagnosis | Multiple Sclerosis Case Study

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is primarily an autoimmune demyelinating disease of young adulthood, with a clinical onset typically occurring between 20 and 40 years of age. However, it is now being recognized with increasing frequency in children and adolescents.

MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS (MS) - MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS (MS) CASE STUDY 30 year old white female presents to family physician with acute loss of vision in left eye Referred to neurologist Diagnosis of | PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to view.

Case Study: Adult with Multiple Sclerosis 1. CASE AUTHORS Name Department of Nursing – NP Programs Phone FAX Name Department of NP Phone FAX 2.

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TOPIC OF THE CASE: Adult with Multiple Sclerosis 3. LEVEL OF EXAMINEE THIS CASE IS BEING WRITTEN FOR: [X] Nurse Practitioner. An ideal clinical resource, Case Studies in Multiple Sclerosis provides an evidence-based discussion of each case, with an aim to enhance effective diagnosis and treatment of .

Case Report: Multiple Sclerosis and Ayurveda. Patient Ms.

Multiple sclerosis case study presentation

E.O. 45 year-old F Perimenopausal Prior to her presentation, she had experienced exceptionally high emotional stress in a work environment with study link between Vitamin D deficiency and onset of.

Multiple Sclerosis Case-based Online Monograph