Oilwell cable company case study essay

And that is a good thing.

Oilwell cable company case study essay

If Norm chooses to go ahead with the microprocessor conversion on the machinery without passing it by the team he runs the risk of having a conflict with the production team.


In the past a similar situation had caused significant trouble and Norm did not want to rock the boat for the sake of it. The implementation of the microprocessor would cut production time by 1 percent and reduce scrap from the current rate of 1 percent down to one-half percent Meredith, The other advantage of implementing the change without the consent of the production team would be that it would get done at a faster pace.

If Norm decides to consult the team prior to implementing the change the number one issue will be the time it takes for them to come to a decision. The team is known for taking a really long time to reach any decision Meredith, pg The biggest advantage of including the production team in the decision making process for the implementation of the microprocessor would be that Norm would get their buy in.

This would be key for the success of the idea. The team dynamics are such that once the team agrees to a change or idea, the implementation is quick Meredith, pg The approval and implementation of the microprocessor by the production team represents a functional form of project organization.

Given the size of the company and the work they did along with the functionalized project organization it does not make sense to have a PMO. Since most of their work is based around the production of cables I see no point in having a PMO.

The structure of the organization does not require a PMO since decisions are made at the team level and not from a management level hence a PMO is not required. Functional management would work best for Oilwell Cable Co.

Oilwell cable company case study essay

If they have reorganization where the reporting structure and project decisions are not team based then a more matrix organization would work but no PMO. The addition of the microprocessors would cut the production time by 1 percent andThis essay will attempt to provide discussion about bribery and corruption in international trade example in vary different point of view in according to the principal ethical system suchlike religious, philosophical and ‘natural’.

It will be analyse the case of Siemens bribery scandal related to ethical issues. oilwell cable comp.

Oilwell cable company case study essay

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National Oilwell Varco Board of Directors and GD Mutations in day Phase 2 Proof-of-Concept Study 9 of Directors In Connection With the Sale of the Company to Exelon.

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From a company perspective, the IFPS logo has become a symbol to our customers that we hold ourselves to the highest international standard and that they are working with a professional company.

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CASE: Oilwell Cable Company, Inc. Question 1: The advantage of proceeding without passing it by the team is that the process will Find Study Resources. Oilwell Cable Company, originally known as Chord Cable Company out of New Jersey, has been acquired by new management and relocated in Lawrence, Kansas.

Original manager behind this move was Gino Strappoli, who came up with a corporate structure that determined company’s success.

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