Pizza hut dominates asia

Richard Burrage 12 Comments Share: The report highlights the ten Vietnam consumer market trends inimpacting the purchase priorities of consumers in Vietnam. High income households double in 10 years in Vietnam. Life stages in Vietnam are maturing.

Pizza hut dominates asia

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Moves for stricter regulations on global firms like Google, Apple gain traction, while critics caution violating free market economy Published: Apr 19, - This is the fifth installment. Gapjil is a Korean term which refers to the abuse of power by someone against a person in a weaker position.

Apple, for one, has long been the king in the telecommunication market here, on many aspects. Apple Korea has faced criticism over the past few years from local mobile carriers for passing the costs for promoting iPhone sales, including costs for advertisements, launch events and even repairs.

Pizza hut dominates asia

The Fair Trade Commission is currently looking into the case and sent an examination report to Apple Korea for explanation earlier this month. The iPhone maker is not the only multinational firm facing criticism for abusing its market power here.

Google is another target of the antitrust watchdog, over its alleged unfair business practice against local game companies. There are industry rumors that Google punishes a game developer if it uploads its game not only on Google Play but on different major app markets such as OneStore.

Apart from the alleged unfair business practice of abusing its market power, multinational firms are also blamed for getting a free ride or not paying taxes properly by using legal loopholes. Foreign tech firms, including Google and Facebook, have been embroiled in controversy for not paying for network as their server is located outside the country, unlike local tech firms such as Naver and Kakao that pay tens of billions of won for using network every year.

The Korea Communications Commission and lawmakers have continued to raise the issue as Google and Facebook generate massive online traffic and gain huge profits through mobile videos without paying a single penny. And progressive lawmakers on the back of the liberal administration have now begun voicing against them.

Kim Hae-young from the ruling Democratic Party of Korea. The government revised the ordinance of external audit law to force LLCs into receiving external audits and disclosing financial information such as sales, operating profits, net profits, dividend and taxes.

The revised regulations are expected to take effect in November But such moves are also colliding with critics. There are experts who say harsh regulations on global firms is out of sync with the free market economy.

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This seems because most foreign companies are exposed to the public only when negative incidents or issues take place.Pizza Hut dominated the fast food market in the world both in sales and number of restaurants before In , the company announced to start the home delivery market, which would especially target the children, two-career families, and parents with small children.

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