Tips and tricks for microsoft word

I just want it to work! Some are basic, and will help the computer-phobic to make Word operate a bit more efficiently. Others are a bit more technical, so that hopefully the list will have something to offer even to the experiences Word user. This list gives you an overview:

Tips and tricks for microsoft word

With such a big array of features, Microsoft Office Word can look complicated.

Tips and tricks for microsoft word

There are many hidden tricks and shortcuts that make text editing easier. Here are some tips I think will help you when you are using Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word Tips And Tricks 1. Vertical Selection Of Text Normally, we select a character, a word, a sentence or a paragraph.

All these selections are horizontal selections. Sometimes you may need to select vertically. For example, if your text has numbers in the beginning, you may want to select only the numbers to delete them at one go see figure.

To select text horizontally, press ALT and click to drag and make a selection. Remember to release ALT key before releasing mouse else it will open the Research dialog. Check out the different uses of vertical selections and let us know what all you did with this feature.

Tips and tricks for microsoft word

Microsoft changed the line spacing to make your text more readable. If you want the default line spacing as 1, follow this procedure: While on the Home tab, right click on the Normal quick style button and select Modify In the Format list that appears, select Paragraph Under Spacing, change the line spacing from 1.

If you think this is irritating you, you can change the default file location to some other place where you normally store your documents. Click OK to close the window.


Though the font is good for online viewing, it creates problems when printing. You may be using Times New Roman or Arial for print jobs. One method is to change the font manually each time after you have typed the document.

But then, it would involve formatting the document again. Another method is to change the default font. Right-click on the Normal quick style button on Home tab.

Click Modify In the dialog box that appears, click on Format… to open the drop-down menu and select Font In the Font dialog box, select the font you wish to use with every document. Move Rows Of Text In Table Sometimes when you are working on the table, you may want to move one or more rows in the table up or down without having to change the table formatting.

One method is copy pasting but that risks formatting. This method makes sure the formatting is not disturbed.

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Quickly Change Line Spacing Sometimes need arises that you have to change line spacing among different paragraphs. Here are the shortcut keys:Premium templates for Microsoft Word, Excel, Visio and Apple Pages and monstermanfilm.comsional, customizable and beautifully designed templates ready to download and use.

Blog Post. NEW: UPDATED: VIDEO: How To Count the Total Number of Words in a MS Word . Microsoft Word tips and tricks for your daily “how to” problems. These time saving tricks will increase your productivity in office as you’ll spend less time working on MS Word documents.

Microsoft Office is the world's most popular office suite. If you're going to be successful you'll have to know these tricks on Microsoft Word. Microsoft Office eBooks are a new series of free content.

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34 Microsoft Word Tricks and Tips to Increase Productivity

section below to let us know. You can also give us ideas for eBooks you’d like to see in the future. Love it or hate it, Microsoft Outlook is still the de facto email client at many offices.

It's been a while since we took a look at good old Outlook, so here are some of our favorite tricks well. Dec 18,  · Hi again, I’m Ted Way, program manager for Office volume time I posted to this blog, I talked about KMS and MAK as two activation methods for the enterprise.

If you’re planning on deploying Office , Windows (7, Vista, Server R2, Server ), or a combination of these, you’ll be happy to know that the activation technologies are essentially the same.

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